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Message # 71249.7.1

Subject: Talking Thanks and replies

Date: Sun 03/09/17 17:30:04 GMT

Name: jollywetfellow sx



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Many thanks for your supportive comments, people.    I'll try to reply to each of the questions; apologies that it's a bit long-winded!


Reply to hazzazbin and Bruno:

In the past I have always waited until I got home to download the pics from the phone to my PC, so that I could edit them and number them more easily on the big screen before uploading them to Flickr.    That means I could have several days-worth of pics taking up memory on the phone by the time I got home, and I would be worried about running out of memory if I tried to include vids.   When I got home this time, I had a panic because when I connected the phone to the PC it refused to recognise it, and I thought "Dammit, all that effort, all these great pics, and I can't upload them".    

But that forced me to work out how to upload direct to Flickr from the phone and you know what, I wish I had done that all along, since I think the quality is better.    The editing is less good and the numbering goes wrong in places but that is a small price to pay.    Especially since it will now give me the option of uploading each day, taking away the worry about memory life and about losing all of the pics if I damage the phone on the second or third day.    So I could now do vids.

  BUT if you look back to post 63598 you will see that my beach photography has not exactly been trouble-free; when I was seen openly taking pics of people on the beach somebody called the Police.   Since then I have got much better at pretending that I'm taking a selfie, or photographing the pier or a boat or something in the background, but I'm still aware of some hostility sometimes (for example the lady sitting at the waters-edge in wet jeans in B292 is looking a bit disapproving).    I think I would find it much more difficult to keep up that pretense if I was taking a video, and I would hate to have to stay away from the beach because I had generated hostility from the people there, especially if it included the Police and lifeguards.    I'll maybe try it, but on a very small scale to start with.    And that's for next year, because unless we're very lucky with the weather this is about the end of British wetlook season for 2017.


Reply to Ploss

I didn't arrive in Bournemouth until Saturday evening, so we wouldn't have seen one another even if we'd known to look.    Had I known you were at Weymouth my response to your post would have been "That's the way to do it!" (though maybe you weren't in earshot of the Punch and Judy show?) Tongue      

As I've mentioned before, I'm not particularly turned on by wet footwear (I find bare feet with clothes more of a turn on) so I wouldn't particularly remember wet footwear.     But I used to live close to the site of the Reading Festival (and until 2007 the WOMAD festival earlier in the summer).   Welly boots are of course normal wear there, and on those occasions when the weather was hot you'd get a few festival-goers cooling themselves in the river Thames, wellies still on.    They might have been doing so at the same time as you were wetting your wellies at Weymouth, in fact, though they'd probably get stopped by Security these days.   [In the early noughties my journey home along the riverside would be full of wet teenage (and a few older) river-swimmers on hot days, though since it was by a kiddies playpark it wasn't wise to stop and stare; but that had died out almost completely by 2007 or so due to strong discouragement of river swimming on health and safety grounds].    And I have quite often seen people who walk their dog on a beach, probably routinely wearing wellies to do so, on hot days wading in deeper and soaking their wellies (Ayr beach is a good place to see that) - nobody goes anywhere near deep enough to swim, though.

Fashion boots: much less likely, if only because nobody in their right mind voluntarily goes swimming in cold weather, and few people wear boots in hot weather.   I do remember a couple years ago at Margate a girl of perhaps 16 or 17 who had fashion boots on over her stretch jeans, swimming in them (I remember her shouting "there's half the sea in these boots" when she sploshed out) - I think she, and the adult with her, were a bit simple though.    I also remember, many years ago, a group of very drunk Glaswegian hen-partiers falling about in the sea at Blackpool in their boots (at four in the afternoon!).

Other footwear?   Sandals very common, canvas shoes or trainers sometimes, other shoes occasionally.   For example earlier this year at Ayr a woman of about 40, quite smart leather tie-on shoes, walked towards the waters-edge where I was, and to my surprise walked straight in up to her ankles.   Then stopped dead, and despite her shoes now being soaked, my encouragement, and her 17/18 year old daughter getting her jeans wet to mid-thigh, refused to go any further for fear of getting her (very ordinary) trousers wet!    And also at Ayr, a young woman in (admittedly very battered-looking) fashion ankle boots and 'dress' trousers wading in and out of the water, up to about her knees, while making a phone call.    Of course sudden heavy showers are so common in the west of Scotland that people accept wet shoes as a routine hazard anyway!    (BTW Ayr has a very good sandy beach so there's no real need for footwear)


Reply to Laszlo

Yes, rather an eccentric choice but I stay in the Royal Bath when at Bournemouth.    Its not half as posh as it looks because its run by Britannia Hotels, who are rated the worst of all British hotel groups by 'Which?' magazine and run their grand hotels like upmarket holiday camps (or, in the case of the Grand at Scarborough, downmarket holiday camps).    But the Royal Bath is a wonderfully characterful early Victorian building with towers and turrets everywhere; they always have rooms available "reduced" at short notice even in high season; the low staffing levels means nobody engages me in awkward conversations about what I did today nor even notices when I walk in through the garden and bar in wet clothes and bare feet; and I can get from the hotel to the pier in two minutes without walking along a road (pic B342 was taken just outside the hotel back gate, in fact).


Reply to wilma's comment

What turns you on is a very personal thing and I have no wish to argue with wilma.    But can I point out for others' benefit that this is Britain not Saudi Arabia.   Very few of these people are devout Muslims (or Muslims at all) - note relatively few headscarves and no niqabs (face veils).    I have spoken to many many of these people over the years, both on the beach and elsewhere, including having had a Pakistani Muslim lady working for me for a while, who was not much good at her job but I did learn a lot about life as a British Muslim!    I can assure you that most have considerable freedom of choice about what they wear, even within their own communities; it usually comes down to what they themselves are comfortable with (just like there are no restrictions on Westerners wearing their clothes in the sea but most are not comfortable with it).    Whilst a swimsuit would probably be pushing it a bit, shorts or leggings and a tee is an option for most of them.     And dare I point out that "not allowed to go in the water without clothes" applies to all wetlook models - otherwise they won't get paid!

In reply to Message (71249.7) None Re:and much more wetlook from the English South Coast

By Laszlo - ocean.51@freemail.hu hu Sat 02/09/17 15:06:39 GMT


Dear Mr. Jolly Wet,

Thank you for the excellent photos. Do you stay in a hotel next to the beach when you take them?

Yours faithfully,


In reply to Message (71249) Pictures and much more wetlook from the English South Coast

By jollywetfellow - sx Fri 01/09/17 14:08:23 GMT

Website: https://www.flickr.com/photos/105715846@N06/

Its been a frustrating second half of the summer for UK wetlookers - on the day after the solar eclipse in the US, somebody wrote to the newspaper here saying "what's all this fuss about the sun being obscured for a few minutes in America; it's been obscured for the last six weeks in most of Britain", which just about summed it up.    I went to East Anglia for a couple of days because the weather forecast said it was going to brighten up there - it didn't; I took a few candid wetlook pics but the light was so bad you could barely make out what clothes they were wearing, far less see that they were wet, so I deleted them.    I went to Southend for a couple of days - same story - I have posted a few pics as S60 to S68 but if you don't bother looking at them you won't have missed much.


And then - all change; a hot sunny weekend; and on a public holiday too Dancing     So while Ploss was conducting The Great Welly Boot Experiment (see post 71218) I too was on the English south coast indulging in, and photographing, wetlook.   I didn't see anybody swimming in wellies - nor indeed in shoes; a few people were wearing socks (though not visible in any pics, I don't think); and there were some underage girls in dark pantyhose whom of course I didn't photograph, but footwear fetishists are likely to be disappointed by my pics.


BUT THERE IS SOMETHING FOR JUST ABOUT EVERY OTHER WETLOOK TASTE.    Wet denim - lots and lots of wet denim - denim jeans, skirts, dresses, shirts; wet long skirts; wet cardis; smart blouses; nice dresses (even a little bit of billowing); and my own particular fascination, women swimming in their coats.   It didn't matter what they were wearing, these ladies just couldn't stay out of the water.     


Pic B342 shows how busy the beach already was at midday - you can't take that pic any later on a sunny day because it is looking south-westwards, but believe me by mid-afternoon it was twice as busy.     Relatively few white faces, but if you're prejudiced about the colour of a person's skin I don't want you looking at my pics anyway.     And, just to prove me a liar in post 70896.1, this time most of the wet women whom I tried to engage in conversation - especially the ones with white faces! - turned out to speak very little English.    So not so many anecdotes this time, I'm afraid.


But one group who did - and with rather posh English accents - were the three young ladies in B377 and B378.    Yes, that is a phone in her jeans pocket in B377; and yes, it had already been underwater for quite a while.   When I drew it to her attention (because it was spoiling the broad feminine curve of her wet jeans, you understand!) she had a panic "Oh God, I've been swimming with my phone", but the girl in the floral top took it out of her hand and plunged it under the water; "these are meant for swimming" she said.   And she was right; B378 shows it successfully taking a photo just afterwards.    Its an iPhone 7 - was there ever a better advert for a phone for wetlookers?!


But I think my strongest memory will be of how much fun everybody was having.    I have managed to capture a few pics showing the fun clearly, but there was so much more I missed.    And it doesn't show up in the pics, but often the water was full of (mostly older) women, sitting or lying fully submerged except for their heads, and all fully clothed.    Whenever one saw me looking at her and smiling she would laugh and shout gaily "we are enjoying".     [That seems to be another of the linguistic quirks of Indian English compared to British English, BTW: we Brits always have to put another word after "enjoying", even if it is just "...ourselves", but an Indian will just say "....enjoying [full stop]".    On the other hand, whereas we might say "...enjoying the sea", an Indian feels obliged to say "...enjoying in the sea"].    Anyway, "we are enjoying [full stop]" has now joined "HAVE fun" (with the emphasis on the "have") as a phrase which is a bit of a turn on for me, because it is so often associated with women in wet clothes.


So, enjoy the pics.   There is something there for almost everyone.    The wetness usually shows up but not always; but you can assume that, if she looks like she might be wet, and is the main subject of one of my pics, she is wet.    For example, the lady in the prim and genteel looking pleated skirt and cardigan in B325/6 has just been swimming in that outfit (breast stroke, if you want to know); and in B373 not only the young lady in the long floral skirt and denim shirt who is taking the picture, but also the girl all dressed up in a figure-hugging long dress whom she is photographing, have literally just come out of the water.    Here's the link:



Oh, nearly forgot to mention, I've also now included the pic of the girl in the skin-tight pink minidress which I mentioned in post 70846, which wetimer has kindly doctored to exclude the near-naked child; many thanks, wetimer.   To be honest, despite wetimer's best efforts, my pic doesn't do justice to her hotness; I also, completely unintentionally, hid it away after the boring Southend pics, so even if you ignore the Southend ones, do look out for that one.

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