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Message # 71253.2.2.1

Subject: Info What was the last thing you watched?

Date: Sat 02/09/17 15:44:53 GMT

Name: leonmoomin ex

Email: leon@mostwam.com

Website: https://mostwam.tv//?action=root&controller=platform%2Fcatalog / www.mostwam.tv

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Because whilst we were doing photos, I didn't do the videoing, due to the fact I was doing the photos.

When I video, I shoot what I want to see, which as a wetlook fan myself, means I shoot what wetlook fans want to see.


You have slated me before, except, being that for a long time we only sold downloads, I doubt very much if you watched enough to qualify an opinion so sweeping as you have.


Watching a few of our videos ages ago does not really qualify such a strong and condemning statement.  We have literally 1000s of videos, shot by many, many different people.

Have you joined mostwam.tv?

Have you watched any videos since the switch to video only?


I am not going to reveal membership numbers, but they are high, with many people staying with us right from the start, yours is the only voice currently complaining about videography.

People are very quick to complain about something, so if it was as bad as you suggest, we'd know about it quite quickly.


So, excuse me if it's taken with a very small pinch of salt.




Peace Man

In reply to Message (71253.2.2) Thumbs Down Too bad you're terrible at videography, though

By gull - uu Sat 02/09/17 14:23:59 GMT


Right, but your videography is terrible. You're an extremely talented photographer, but the worst wetlook cameraman I've ever seen. You've got these beautiful women and you almost NEVER hold on their faces to catch their expressions. It's always, always long, slow pans down the body. Like, a woman will be starting to get her hair wet and instead of holding on that moment, you'll creep down her slowly body and hold on her neck or arms and it's maddening. You concentrate on hip bones and knees more than these women's gorgeous faces and it's infuriating. Go back to your strengths because you're an awful, awful videographer. Sorry!
In reply to Message (71253.2) None We have switched to video only

By Leonmoomin - leon@mostwam.com ex Fri 01/09/17 23:03:46 GMT


As mentioned several times in the past we no longer do photo sets.


Our biggest site ever is MostWam.tv which is a video only site.


There is no real market for our photos anymore and I have no control over them.

Photos get shared by Assholes more than video and are harder to get taken down than videos.

I lost any interest at all when I saw sets and sets of my photos had been shared on the Russian Asshole groups.


Our photos were never posted to the site in full res, they were always shrunk down, the irony of all this that our vidcaps are 4K vidcaps and are almost as good as photos, but the site shrinks them down to exactly the same size our photos have always been.



In reply to Message (71253) None No Subject

By Leonmoomin.net - Why no photosets? - uu Fri 01/09/17 20:12:56 GMT


Hi to the leonmoomin-team :-)


I love your work and was often buying from your store. Personally I like the high-quality photos more than the movie.


There were always picturesets in a very good quality.


But now there are only some screenshots. It is really sad. You have so beautiful girls - and no more real pictures, just screenshots.


Please, bring the pictures back! Perhaps some from your new girl Rachel ;-)


Best regards and have a nice weekend!

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