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Message # 71285.2.1

Subject: Info clin d'oeil à Messy France

Date: Fri 08/09/17 00:17:18 GMT

Name: Beholder fr



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Il y a ci-dessus quelques belles idées, histoires complètes, exemples en images et 2 vidéos.


Cela plait à plusieurs personnes et cela donnerait un beau résultat, je pense. Je serais curieux de voir à combien de vues monterait le compteur...  


Vraiment, ce serait sympa que se fasse une belle vidéo, parmi les belles idées proposées. Voilà, l'appel est lancé. Il ne reste plus qu' à attendre...

In reply to Message (71285.2) Talking histoires + mini-vidéo + aperçu... à suivre !

By lecteur français - fr Thu 07/09/17 23:58:24 GMT


Il me semble que l'histoire avait été écrite en français d'abord, puis traduite par quelqu'un de bilingue, sans doute. Car elle est apparue en anglais


plus tard. C'est incroyable que personne n'ait fait l'effort de lire l'une des deux puis d'en faire un vrai clip vidéo. Quel dommage !


J'ai retrouvé le lien de la version française...





(liens vers la vidéo ici, court mais joli) www.wetandmessyxxx.com/samples/wetlook-video/wet-soapy.wmv - C'est pas mignon ça ?


http://forum.minxmovies.com/showc.cgi?69719.3.1.4 - histoire...

http://forum.minxmovies.com/showc.cgi?69719. - une autre...


Il ne reste plus qu'à en faire des vidéos...


In reply to Message (71285) None perfect scenario for the perfect blouse

By Anonymous - uu Thu 07/09/17 21:10:11 GMT


The black blouse she was wearing was matching perfectly with the complexion of the skin of her lovely face, and the brown color of her hair, shining like the silk, moving on her shoulders...


Each time she was moving her head, her hair was cascading on the collar of her blouse. Her outfits were very close to each shape of her body. Her black jean was enhanced with a belt, black too, and a touch of light was brought by the silvery buckle, just at the center, like the 9 white buttons closing the front of her blouse.


This evening, a strange idea came to her mind. The weather was too much hot, and she wanted to try to do the same thing that she had discovered on the web : some wetlook activities...


She opened the water in the shower, and the liquid began to draw a nice cascade on her blouse, saturating it quickly, what made it shine in a nice way, and come closer to her skin...


The dark color of the stuff, and the silvery light reflects, were of a nice effect... things to the ones was added the glittering of the buttons.


She began to give a soft massage to her chest, then, little by little, began to caress her body through the stuff of her blouse, moving her hands everywhere on her blouse.    


Then she took a bar of soap, and began to soap all the front of her nice blouse. Quickly, the running soap produced a foamy path on the stuff, with a deep contrast on its black color, added to the silvery reflects of the water...


She was soaping everything with energy and vivacity, what was shaking her chest, was moving her breasts, was making a sheen with the line of white buttons on her blouse. Their contrasting color was easily catching the look, but they were given a good soaping like any other part of her nice blouse, thoroughly. So, its collar, shoulders, buttons line, sleeves and cuffs had repeated visits of the soap, with insistence, meticulously, and without any concession.


The intensity of her soaping was showing its results when the dark stuff was hidden by a foamy cloud of soap, with thousands reflects full of changing colors, covering the line of buttons, hiding their white colors and usual glittering.  


This result was what she expected, so she stopped with the soap and began to rub her hands on each previously soaped part. This was giving her some pleasure, because, at the same time, she was taking a shower, washing her blouse, looking it in each detail, feeling beneath her hands each seams, each button, the doubled placket, each piece of stuff, increasing all the foam, giving a soft massage to her body, having some fun, relaxing...


She had some strange sensations when she took half a minute to behold her soapy beloved blouse... She unbuttoned it, took it off to end its washing by hands, for the collar and armpits. Then, she put it on again, buttoned it and prepared to rinse it.


Quickly, her blouse was coming back to her previous condition, with cleanliness, a good fragrance, and a cold temperature. The stuff of her blouse was looking like if the night itself was a sweet outfit for her body... The wet black blouse was shining like an onyx stone...  And again, light was making a sheen with the line of white buttons on her blouse.


She walked out of her house, in the garden. The heat was the same but she was feeling a sweet fresh contact on her skin. In a few minutes, any memory of this clothed shower would have disappeared...


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