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Message # 71294.

Subject: None Re:Some explanations (these posts are only partly OT)

Date: Sat 09/09/17 18:17:01 GMT

Name: Laszlo hu

Email: ocean.51@freemail.hu

Website: Yorkshire

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Dear Mr. Jolly Wet,

Thank you for the explanation regarding the expression “to get them down” in connection with Yorkshire women. Speaking about Yorkshire people, you may like the following footage:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYcARjckH48 A passing remark: it has nothing to do with wetlook.

By the way, my friend got his degree in Oxford in the 1960s, and he is blithely unconcerned about women in wet clothes. He has another strange hobby.

Yours faithfully,


In reply to Message (71294.1.1.1) Talking Some explanations (these posts are only partly OT)

By jollywetfellow - sx Sat 09/09/17 10:54:57 GMT


Hope your friend enjoys the wetlook there, Laszlo.


It occurs to me that anyone else who may be reading this from outside the UK may find some of it puzzling, so here's an explanation.


OT - In his initial post, Laszlo was showing off his knowledge of an English folk song, and I made references to it in my reply.    It goes:

"Are you going to Scarborough Fair,

(parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme),

Remember me to the one who lives there,

She once was a true love of mine".


Less OT - To understand the story of the witty Yorkshire woman, you need to know that in Britain the phrase "Get 'em down", when said by a man to a woman, is generally understood to be a coarse expression which is short for "Get your panties down, I want to fuck you".    It was of course my 'natural' answer to the woman saying "Get 'em up", so she had cleverly manoeuvred me into saying to her, effectively, "I want to fuck you" - without even getting her clothes wet!     (It is very often used jokingly - for example it would be an appropriate answer to a woman showing you a small tear in her clothes through which tiny bit of naked flesh can be seen, and somebody will always say it if a man clowns about pretending to be a woman).    Am I telling you something you all know - is the phrase used in the same way in other countries?  

In reply to Message (71294.1.1) None Re:Scarborough's in the news today, Laszlo

By Laszlo - ocean.51@freemail.hu hu Sat 09/09/17 07:34:30 GMT


Dear Mr. Jolly Wet,

Thank you for the prompt and thorough answer, and special thanks for the article. I have a friend who goes to that town regularly.

My assumption was right. You have a university degree.

Yours faithfully,


In reply to Message (71294.1) Talking Scarborough's in the news today, Laszlo

By jollywetfellow - sx Fri 08/09/17 17:38:27 GMT


Not exactly good news though; I fear Scarborough Fayre no longer sells such (relative) exotica as rosemary and thyme, and has been replaced by pound shops selling cheap basics:


And as I mentioned in post 71249.7.1, its Grand Hotel may be grand to look at but is certainly not grand to stay in.


But I have always had a soft spot for the place: partly because I had a summer job in a holiday camp near there when I was 19; partly because I lived and worked in Leeds (for which Scarborough is the nearest seaside resort) for a couple of years after leaving university, but mainly because despite its poverty it is a very attractive place with very good beaches.    I remember it from these early years (40 years ago now!) as being good for wetlook, but oddly can't remember any specific wetlook events - certainly there was no "true love of mine" there, not even an affair on the beach for one afternoon.


I spent most of my life 300 Km from Scarborough, though did go back there maybe once every 5 years when the weather forecast looked particularly good for that part of the country.    My strongest memory from these years was of a woman who looked longingly down at me from the prom as I was wading, as usual with my trousers soaked, on the beach below (it must have been high tide).    I shouted "come on in, its great" expecting the usual "you'll not catch me getting wet like that".     Instead she said "I would, I would, believe me, I do regularly; but I'm supposed to be at work at the moment and it would be a dead give-away if I went into the office with soaked trousers".     Obviously one of us!     


Oh, and the witty Yorkshire woman with whom I was having the usual half-serious 'roll-up trousers' argument:

Her: "You're supposed to roll your trousers up before you go in the water"

Me: "But they'd get all creased"

Her: "You're getting them all wet - roll them up"

Me: "You're getting yours all creased - you should roll them down"

Her: [big grin] "Get 'em up"

Me: [well, what else could I say?]!


I do also remember, maybe 7 or 8 years ago when we were staying at nearby Whitby for a week (another characterful Yorkshire town, well worth a visit), that I went for a day to Scarborough and there was a woman, fortyish, wading along up to mid-thigh without lifting her smart calf-length skirt out of the water, but she sensed I was waiting for her and swerved off back up the beach just before passing me - then when I was getting on the bus to go back there she was across the road gazing at me wistfully, in a sort of "if only I had had the courage to speak to him" way - another one of us, I think.


But can I remind you finally, Laszlo, that my post 67987 last year http://forum.minxmovies.com/showc.cgi?67987 was actually about a visit to Scarborough, and pics Sc1 to Sc19, now on page 4 of my Flickr photostream, were taken there (the Grand Hotel, though it dominates the beach, is west of it and therefore into the afternoon sun, so doesn't appear in any of the pics).

In reply to Message (71294) None a question to Mr. Jolly Wet

By Laszlo - ocean.51@freemail.hu hu Fri 08/09/17 14:29:54 GMT


Dear Mr. Jolly Wet,

Have you been to the beach next to Scarborough (the town of “parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme”)? If yes, have you seen anything to your liking?

Yours faithfully,


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