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Subject: Hello Re:UMD

Date: Tue 12/09/17 21:34:51 GMT

Name: MK us

Email: wamtec@comcast.net


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Those are very good points....i.e. tagging the scenes is entirely down to the producers who use the UMD system and largely depends on what their definition of wetlook is,,,and many of the wetlook producers who use the umd forums and download stores have a more "mainstream" definition of wetlook than the more finite view of wetlook by the folks on this forum. This is understandable, if you bear in mind the history of UMD forums versus this forum....i.,e.


- This is a 100% wetlook oriented forum that was first established in 1996 (before that, we could only use compuserve and delphi bulletin boards and Usenet Newsgroups to find each other). This forum was the first true wetlook forum to be created, and it remains today as the 2nd most visited wam site in the world with a traffic ranking of around 105,000 (the 105,000 th most visited in the world).


- The UMD forum was established 2 years later in 1998, with the sole purpose of serving Messy Fans only. It was called UMD (Ultimate Messy Directory) for Messy fans...it was not called Ultimate Wetlook and Messy Directory. They only had a Messy forum for several years, and  they only set up a wetlook forum later on, as a courtesy, to accommodate a small number of messy fans, but 90% of their traffic are messy fans, not wetlook fans. The traffic ranking for UMD has already been number 1 in the world for the last 20 years...because there are many more messy fans than wetlook fans in the world. UMD has the number 1 trafficked site in the world with a ranking of around 98,000....more than this forum, but bear in mind that 90% of the folks who visit the UMD forum are messy fans and only 10% are wetlook fans.....so on a global scale, UMD is number 1 and this forum has always been number 2, but if you just consider the wetlook fans traffic, this forum far exceeds the UMD site and is the number 1 wetlook site in the world.


This explains why you are likely to find more wetlook "purists" on this forum than on UMD...because their base of wetlook fans and producers are very small and some are more mainstream oriented (i.e. the Playboy definition of wetlook = a girl in a wet bikini),


But I happen like the UMD forums....because I  also like messy scenes as well. In terms of design and features ...UMD is like a 2017 Mercedes that has all the bells and whistles....whereas this forum is like a throwback to the 90's and has none of the features UMD has and is more like an  old Volkswagon......i.e.  it runs, but it is way overdue for replacement or upgrading.... e.g. you can upload pics to UMD, and it auto imbeds Youtubes and it has it own download store system...and you can't do any of those things here. That is why wetlook  prodiucers open download stores on the UMD...because they have their own hosting system, and this forum does not have any modern features or offer feature that producers can use. I maintain a download store at UMD because they have a very sophisticated system and provided you define you tags correctly....it works very well. If you don't use the correct tags, then the old saying applies "garbage in - garbage out".  the search box does not work well. I think the tags work well on my UMD store...




Bottom line......this forum is the number one place to go for wetlook fans....and UMD is the best place for messy fans to visit.


I like hamburgers and chicken too....so I go to McDonalds or Burger King whenever I feel like a hamburger...and KFC if I feel like chicken....but I don't expect too much if I visit Mcdonalds and order chicken.

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By Chris - WAM Photography - chris@wetandmessyphotography.com at Tue 12/09/17 11:38:34 GMT

Website: https://www.wetandmessyphotography.com/

There's two aspects to your feedback.

First of all it's merely a problem of the producers that uplaod stuff. Many I guess tag their downloads as wetlook, allthough they are merely messy downloads. But as the name of the website says, it's the Ultimate MESSY directory. So many of the producers might not have a very "pure" understanding of the term wetlook. So they tag downloads as wet or wetlook that in your view are not wetlook sets. There's not much UMD can do about that, other than urging users to have matching descriptions for their content.


Secondly your input regarding the possibility of combining tags is very valid. I would actually go there and directly contact them and give the feedback there (https://umd.net/contact).


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By wetmac - clive_uk_00@yahoo.com sx Mon 11/09/17 21:15:12 GMT


Have just been trying to browse the UMD download section.  I selected wetlook but I got all sorts of messy stuff as well.  I am not interested in cake battered ladies or chocolate covered hair et. al.  I do not mind muddy stuff but overall I want wetlook.  Also, there are several categories or tags.  You can only choose one.  For example, I like dresses and wetlook.  I can choose one or the other but not both.  Whoever is in charge of the website needs to have get in there and sort such issues out.  With today's technology this should be fairly easy to do I would have thought.  Anyone else noticed this?

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